Valentine Rd

Naff demo of a new tune! This is the third of The Parsley Tapes – it’s a song about walking along, on a pleasant day, down a street which scares you. The tune’s been in my head for months; I wrote the lyrics last night and recorded from scratch in 30 minutes today.

Here, under roomy sky,
Close houses leaning by,
Puffed up with antifreeze,
Road; rhododendron trees.
Please grasp it to your eyes –
Calm, empty pavement so
Time to be brave and try
Valentine Road.

True: it’s a nest for squid,
Ink-stained, in privet hid;
Ravens without their heads
Scream at the flower beds;
Ghost demon frantic gulls,
Mad laser-toting toads,
And grasping tentacles –
Valentine Road.

This little gentle stroll,
Cleansing for legs and soul,
Takes us all breezy by
Rose bushes, gleaming drives.
All through the gabled town
Crisp, wistful sunlight flows –
Boldly we saunter down
Valentine Road.

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