We really haven't changed

I’ll leave you to decide whether that’s good or not.

John: if you could
John: either
John: have sex with a dog
John: or
John: with a cat
John: or
John: with a beautiful maiden with a dark secret
John: then who?
Will: would the dark secret be that she had AIDS?
John: maybe
John: you wont find out
John: until
John: 5 minutes
John: after the sex
John: the good news re: the dog & cat
John: is that they have no secrets

Here’s another brain teaser from earlier on: if you had to either go to Denmark and get your cock out, or go to Berlin and eat a library book, which?
(You have to have your cock out for a full minute in Copenhagen’s central plaza; you have a day to eat the library book, which is a small japanese phrasebook, but you must eat it in the library and the library authorities have not consented)

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