We've got… high hopes?

John Humphrys’ blistering anger never fails to awake and intrigue me of a morning, and todays focus was no exception. Friends, Harrods has started its christmas sale!

This is, of course, another of the double-edged issues which plagues the modern universe. On the one hand, the idea of Christmas in August makes me curl up and beat myself with sticks. But I hate almost as much the hordes of moaning and indelibly British eejits who crawl, orc-like, from the ceilings as soon as this starts, bitching constantly about oh god it gets earlier every year, have people no decency, aren’t Harrods bastards, can you believe they’re doing this to us with 238472398472 shopping days left until christmas, oh what a state we’re in, etc

Well, I’m sorry Cromwell, but here’s how capitalism works: if the public (that’s YOU) weren’t buying it, they wouldn’t be selling it. Yes, it sucks, but it’s your fault.

Here’s to my inevitable piece of stocking coal. Let’s hope that comes early as well.

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