Winding things up

The year comes to a close, and with it my Indiegogo campaign. We’re overfunded – not by as much as I’d hoped possible, but still with enough in the kitty to make a highly respectable album, one which everyone who donated will really enjoy (I hope!).

This was (is) my first attempt at crowdfunding and I’ve learnt a few useful lessons along the way. Next time – if there is a next time – I’ll hopefully be able to put together even more enticing money-raising activities! For now, though, the focus is on making this project as good as it can possibly be.

We’ve already started! I had two days in studio with the delicious Dean McCarthy just before Christmas, and both of us survived! We did 11 guitar tracks and 4 vocal tracks, as well as capturing the whole of Ditte Elly‘s guest appearance on the track ‘Child of Monkey Horse!’. A productive session – and more’s scheduled for the new year!

BcL9lM0IMAA4VmyPriorities in the next session are keyboards and the remaining guitar tracks, and then we can start thinking about the choir sessions! With the exception of annoying string buzz which impeded our attempts to record ‘Summerhouse’, it’s all going suspiciously well. I can’t wait for the next phase!

Many thanks!

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