Homebase tried to give me a parking ticket for parking legally at their shop in order to buy a wood-burning chimenea thing. The fact that they cancelled the charge and acknowledged their mistake says a lot about wood-burning chimeneas.

Woodsmoke has always been one of my favourite smells – it brings in the Vibe like few other things. It was a sweary hour, assembling the chimenea, but pretty much as soon as it got going I wrote a song. More serious than usual, this one – it’s about a friend who died – but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I debuted it at the Catweazle last week.

Foaming flecks of water
  and a plummet for the edge;
The sparks that crackle upwards
  start a cascade in our heads
And summers aren’t the same,
They aren’t the same without you.

Fish that slipped between us
  were never caught so high;
The years are steeped in circumstance
  but goodness, how they fly!
And summers couldn’t be this way,
They couldn’t be this way without your mind.
Summers couldn’t be without your mind.

Nightly calls of passion
  and a string of trailing lights;
The things we bring to cut them
  and the things you brought to fight
And some are ones we win
And others are the ones we merely might.
  And summers now will always ever be
  (As long as we remember them to be)
Summers are the things that you set right.

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