So as the more perceptive of you will have noticed, I’m going away for a period. Whilst away I plan to cultivate some or all of a new crop of songs I’m working on as well as polishing off some of the more mighty books that must be read before september. Those are my aims, my goals. It will be interesting to see how many songs I actually come back with but I have several chord bits to work on so let’s hope it all goes well. I will also try and play some open mics in Vancouver so if by any chance anyone from there has stumbled onto this site (!) come check me out!


Happy summer all. I shall update this blog infrequently but those updates will be so amazing that they will later appear in my biography entitled “The Inner Workings of the greatest Singer-Songwriter Ever” by Tom Clancy (avaliable on audiocassete read by Richard E. Grant). So tune in!


Happy summer all. I’ve done that once already!


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