You don't know the POWER of the DARK SIDE

There’s surely an echo of Barthes behind the current George Lucas situation. The maximum possible seperation is needed between the artist and the work as soon as the work is complete. The Simpsons only reached its zenith once Groening had taken a back seat, The Matrix should have been left well alone, TNG only became really excellent after Roddenberry stepped aside. This latter is a particularly good example as Berman, who took over, has now also reached the phase (Enterprise) where he needs to step aside. We can see the same in aging artists of all mediums – even in literature, the original published texts (as opposed to the works endlessly tweaked by their authors over the rest of their lives) are increasingly considered to be “definitive”.

The difficulty here is never with the creation of new art, let us re-emphasise – always with reinterpreting oneself. That’s why new blackadders and indiana jones films are a mistake, it’s why it may even have been a good thing that Firefly got cancelled when it did, and its certainly why Lucas should have been kept the hell away from Star Wars. Because look what he’s done to it.

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