You're going down

Well, it’s been a hectic few days – but now the Jones has left us. He leaves in his wake the sated stomachs of a pizza-happy exeter crew. Excellent representation, the Jones.

We played a gig at the North Bridge that went down like a bavarian prossie, and at which I lost my guitar strap AND my mic stand (good work there). In other news, Hustler’s no longer do their ALL YOU CAN EAT. On the other hand, ‘Mellow Drama’ is now fully recorded, with only scanty production left to do before it’s COMPLETE. ‘Everybody’s Alright’, ‘Leaf Fall Timetable’, ‘Poets in Towers’ and ‘Cosmic Picaresque’ are also now all but done. Whilst the immediate future of To Infinitives Split is questionable, a working demo and possibly even Campfire Songs are not too far away…

Meanwhile, though, it’s back to the essay zone. WHERE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN*

*Aside, possibly, from a good mark at this stage

UPDATE: Jon has located the missing items, so its props to him! Eleven points

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